SolarTex Custom Window Film & Graphics

Custom Graphic Window Film & Installation

Perfect for homes, offices, storefronts and every space in between, SolarTex’s custom window graphics, decals and frosted films can be applied to just about any smooth surface, including glass, mirrors, doors and walls. Each film is unique to your creative desire, made to size and installed seamlessly by our expert team.


Exterior Window Films

Decorative window films offer an additional layer of privacy to your retail or office space without losing that welcoming appeal. Our custom exterior films also minimize damage from UV rays, lower heating and cooling costs by eliminating “heat pockets,” and act as an extra barrier of defense, should a break-in attempt occur.

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Interior Window Films

You see the same walls every day – why not make them your own? SolarTex creates and installs custom interior window film to help you spice up your living quarters, modernize your office space and stand out from the crowd!

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Custom Frosted Film

Frosted film brings a sense of effortless elegance to your windows and mirrors. Whether you’re looking to bring awareness to your brand or privacy to your home, etched-glass films are an excellent option for the occasion.

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Why Does SolarTex Offer Custom Window Graphics?

Throughout the years, we have compiled an incredible catalog of decorative window film options that continue to inspire awe and make a lasting impression. However, we’ve learned, over time, that not every space lends itself to a product that already exists. Some situations need a bespoke solution.

We, at SolarTex, have adopted new film printing technologies and now offer in-house, custom vinyl window graphics printing and perforated window decals for every setting!

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Proudly Serving Columbus, Ohio & Beyond

Since our inception in 1985, SolarTex has firmly planted its roots in the Central Ohio area and built a reputation of excellence in the industry. We have added to our catalog of services, perfected our process and assembled a team of top-tier talent that takes each project to heart.

While our headquarters is technically in Dublin, we proudly serve clients throughout the region, including, but certainly not limited to:

  • Columbus
  • Westerville
  • New Albany
  • Gahanna
  • Cincinnati
  • Grove City
  • Hilliard
  • Upper Arlington
  • Cincinnati