SolarTex’s Custom Decorative Exterior Window Film & Installation Services

Since 1985, SolarTex has specialized in the installation of decorative exterior window films – but now, we have the in-house talent and technologies to create completely custom graphics based on your creative concepts and ideas. Ready to improve the outward aesthetic appeal of your space?

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Make Your Office Your Own With Vinyl Window Graphics Printing

Throughout Central Ohio and beyond, business owners are looking to modernize their office spaces in any way possible. However, the windows often go overlooked, despite being seen every day. Add a touch of personality and a dash of brand reinforcement to your storefront, workplace or public walkway with custom vinyl window films.

Privacy, Security & Luxury: Giving Your Home & Business “The Look” for Less

From the outside, friends and neighbors will see custom, ornamental designs and an elegant composition of creativity placed on your outside-facing windows. However, on the inside of your home, you’ll enjoy the added benefit of increased privacy, heightened security and balanced indoor temperatures thanks to the natural elimination of cold pockets and hot spots that decorative window films offer.

Get that upscale, luxurious look and for a fraction of what tempered glass would cost with custom residential window film from SolarTex!

An Added Barrier & Defense Against Intruders

Outside of looking brilliant, decorative window films also act as a defensive perimeter in the event of a break-in. Should an intruder attempt to breach your home or office through the window, the film will stay intact long enough to frustrate the nefarious actor and, hopefully, deter them from pursuing any further action. Our films also hold broken glass in place, making the cleanup and repair process a little easier.

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